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We think you'll like it here.

We are a close-knit team doing valuable work for our clients.


We're making a difference for our clients. Seriously.

Unlike traditional insurance brokers, our goal isn't to simply sell insurance. We focus on building risk strategies for our clients, which is not only a better strategy for our clients, but it is way more interesting and fun for our employees.



“I love being a part of an organization that truly wants everyone to succeed. Giving each team member a path that fits their unique ability and grow with their strengths creates an awesome work environment!”

Carie Proctor, Personal Risk Team Lead

What it's like here.


Small Teams

The size of our teams means that everyone has an important role to play from Day 1. 

Fast-Pace Culture

There aren't any bureaucratic policies here. We move quickly to pursue new ideas and new ways of doing things.

Everyone is Client-Facing

There's no back room here. Everyone will have the opportunity to share their ideas and interact directly with our awesome clients.

Career Growth

You'll never be confined to a specific set of duties. Every day you'll have the opportunity to learn and expand your role. 

Open Positions